4 Strategies to Loving People you Don’t Like


This will be hard for you to imagine, but I don’t like every single person I meet.

Some people I take to a whole lot easier than others.

And my response is to treat those I like better than I treat those I naturally don’t like.

That’s a problem, if you’re a follower of Jesus.  [Read more…]

How to be an Overcomer


Do you feel stuck? On the verge of defeat? Overwhelmed?

God’s way is better.

God’s plan for you is to overcome.

To overcome is to conquer. To defeat. To prevail. To overcome is to soar. To fly above the present circumstances.

It was a word long before Mandisa turned it into a song. And it’s a word for you today.

I’d like to give you 4 ways to be an Overcomer no matter what obstacle or difficulty you’re facing today:

[Read more…]

When I Want Something So Bad that God Hasn’t Given (yet)


Do you ever want something that God just hasn’t given you yet?

I’m not talking about something that’s bad for you.

I don’t mean something sinful.

I’m talking about something that really seems like God’s will in your life. [Read more…]

An Awesome Surprise for You!


I hope you like surprises.

In the next couple of days I will be launching a new and improved website design.

For years now I have tried to create a site that does everything I have wanted it to. It’s finally happening.

Here are some Awesome New Perks on the New Site: [Read more…]

Some Things I Can’t Afford to Forget


It’s memorial day.  A day to remember.

My problem with memory is that I’m not always a great listener. My mind is too noisy.

I have selective hearing which leads to selective memory.

Which leads to intermittent misery until God finally gets me in a gentle head lock and reminds me of some basics like: [Read more…]

11 Signs God is at Work in your Life


Do you ever wonder if God is at work in your life?

Like you know it in your head, but you want to really really see it?

Well, here are 11 signs that God is at work in your life: [Read more…]

5 Ways to Handle Conflict


I wish I could say that my life was free of conflict.

It’s not. And whether it’s my fault or theirs, I have found that there are 5 ways to handle every area of conflict in your life: [Read more…]

21 Things Every Great Leader Knows


Do you aspire to be a great leader?

Here are 21 things every great leader knows: [Read more…]

5 Things I do to Overcome Anxiety


I get a lot of stress in my life.

Some of it is genetic – I blame my father. Some of it is circumstantial – I blame the hectic ER environment where I work. Some of it is personality – I have some level of OCD where I want everything perfect all of the time. A lot of it is my sin nature, and I’m still working on that!

Regardless of the reason for my stress, when I face anxiety in my life, here are 5 things I have learned to do to overcome it:

[Read more…]

4 Mistakes you Need to Avoid


I’m doing a series through the book of Jonah and am loving it.

In case you don’t remember, Jonah was a follower of God. He worked in full time ministry as a prophet. He was chosen by God, called by God, and given a specific job by God.

But God’s plans didn’t suit Jonah so Jonah ran. [Read more…]

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